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Re: Unknown areas in Gum printing?, etc.

On May 1, 2007, at 3:06 PM, Loris Medici wrote:

Katharine, I beg you please stop implying that people were mocking Jacek - this is absolutely not the fact; eventually you're the only person who takes this incident that way (in other words: who doesn't get it) and turning it into another thing (in other words: twisting it). My comment was referring to the discussion between Christina and Terry King... Tada!
Loris, none of my comments referred to you, to anything that you said or did. But if you insist on inserting yourself into the argument, then let me ask why it's necessary for anyone to be laughing at Terry King here either; it's just as disrespectful to make fun of our absent colleagues as our present ones, and makes the list look just as juvenile and silly, or even moreso.

And if you're going to insist on weighing in on that argument, are you prepared to support the insupportable idea that an unhardened gelatin size can't work "because, OF COURSE, the am di in the gum/ pigment mix LOVED the unhardened gelatin and hardened that into a nice complete layer, too."? Perhaps you should have quit while you were ahead.

The mocking was of Terry King and by extension of anyone who has observed that unhardened gelatin can work for a size; this includes me and Jacek and any number of other people. Since your last post was posted before the mocking started, I'm not sure under what logic you have chosen to believe that you were included in my objection, but let me say again, my earlier comments were not directed at you.

Quoting Katharine Thayer <kthayer@pacifier.com>:

Jacek's step tablets printed on unhardened gelatin on Fabriano didn't
show any problems of staining or other problems; he got a reasonable
number of steps for the pigment mix he was using, as I recall, with no
stain. Yes, his pigment mix was a little weak, but that was probably
my fault, because I scared him into cutting way back on the pigment by
saying that beginners tend to use too much lamp black. But that's got
nothing to do with the fact that he was printing on unhardened gelatin,
and as I'll say for one last time, there was nothing particularly
ridiculous about the results that he showed, or about his idea of
using gelatin without a hardener. There's some good precedent for
doing just that.