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Re: photopolymer

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the feedback on the screens. Wish getting finer screens that were thick, consistent and durable were as easy as a phone call to someone like Elizabeth Dove. Wonder if she'd do custom screens for me (without taking me to the cleaners in the process)!
ImagOn is fun stuff but it is much more of a challenge to get smooth continuous tone using it. It also breaks down after 5 prints or so...much quicker than polymer. Of course polymer breaks down much MUCH quicker than copper...and so it goes.

Kreene eliminated the surface newton rings/dots I was getting with glass on my vacuum frame. It's also be amazing to feel debris through the plastic prior to exposing. Probably saved me dozens of wasted plates due to Q/C issues over the past year or two I've been using it. .
Contact problems around the edge of plate which you describe in your earlier email I've not seen before with a vacuum frame. You say it just started since switching plates, but didn't happen before?


Keith Taylor wrote:

I have both and Elizabeth Dove's is the same pattern but much coarser and on a heavier base. I've never had an imagesetter output on such thick film. She told me that they were optimised for the ImageOn process (which I didn't realise when I mentioned the screens before).

Following on from an earlier post, do you also think I'll eliminate some contact problems by using Kreene in place of the glass?


On May 1, 2007, at 11:57 AM, Jon Lybrook wrote:

Also, how do Elizabeth Dove's screens differ from Dan Welden's? Do they use a different pattern? More or less coarse? Thicker plastic?