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There has been some off-list interest in this, so I'll just copy my last

"Sit down before you pull up this link:

If you ask me, it's worth every penny.  I think I paid close to that much,
and I know it is the most expensive book that I have ever purchased.  But
then I love this guy, and I have had the Sonja Bullaty "Sudek" book since it
came out in 1980.  What is very nice and unusual about this book
{Farova/Keyahoff) is that it is printed in high quality color, unusual for a
book devoted to monochromes, thus capturing the works as they actually
appear (and not just being whatever ink the printer generally uses).  The
Bullaty (nowhere near as big) is beautifully printed with the same ink.
Nice book, but the differences between the same photographs really pop out
when seen in my Farova book.

It's an awesome book.  Usually when I pick it up I can only flip through a
couple pages at a time - It is so much sensory-overload.


405 pages - gold cover - weighs a ton
very nice!

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Keith, which one?  She has written quite a few about him.

I ordered a book about him called Pigment Prints which I hope is either
carbon or gum or some such thing.

> Best Photography Book Ever:  Josef Sudek (the one by Anna Farova - AND...
> it's alt)