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RE: favorite photography books

Looking further thru my photo library, I find a few other keepers, but two I
really cherish are:

"The Wise Silence: Photographs by Paul Caponigro", a beautifully-printed
book, and one by his mentor,

Minor White: "mirrors    messages    manifestations" (I preserve the
original small-case, spaced out title, because I think he would want it that

Those early self-published Ralph Gibson books hold up pretty well, too.

and come to think of it, this Emmett Gowen retrospective book is nice,
and somewhere around here is something essential by Frederick Sommer - I
hope somebody didn't walk off with it...


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Keith, which one?  She has written quite a few about him.

I ordered a book about him called Pigment Prints which I hope is either
carbon or gum or some such thing.

> Best Photography Book Ever:  Josef Sudek (the one by Anna Farova - AND...
> it's alt)