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Re: Hardening With Glyoxal: One Shot?

P.45 of Chris' book actually (which everyone should own a copy of. ;^), and
there's no mention of re-using or not with Glyoxal. Chris does everything in
batches though. For the record, I re-heated my 100 ml glass jar of gelatin
and glyoxal mixture from two days ago (now Jello-like in consistency) and it
liquified after about a minute on "High" in the microwave (not a "food"
microwave BTW) to about 145 F. Brushed on. I had one 4mm "spot" that
appeared on the test print and what looked like tiny bubbles or speckles as
I later brushed emulsion on which seem to disappear after I smoothed. The
"spot" stayed however which I'm thinking was either undissolved gelatin
(should have stirred more) or was something else.

When we're talk about "hardening" are we talking "physically" making the
gelatin harder or are we talking about "chemical" hardening against
micro-organisms? BTW Chris', no yellowing and my Fab. Art. paper looks as
white as yours now :^)) Size, size, size!


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> Michael,
> Nope! Once the gelatin cools and hardens the mix cannot be re-used. Chris
> Anderson notes on page 44 of her book 'Alternative Processes Condensed',
> that Kerik Kouklis adds 6 drops of formalin to 10 ml of size to cover a
> 14x17 area. Perhaps this would work with glyoxal also, though I'm not
> how Kerik is able to mix the hardener uniformly in such a small volume of
> gelatin.
> Don Bryant
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> I'm mixing small batches (100 ml) of 3 per cent Knox with 2.5 mls of
> (oh, and a splash of rye whiskey for bubbles) for sizing paper with a
> brush. Can I reuse this mixture by simply reheating in the microwave after
> it cools and gels overnight? Is there a shelf life? Thx.
> ~m
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