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RE: Hardening With Glyoxal: One Shot?


Nope! Once the gelatin cools and hardens the mix cannot be re-used. Chris
Anderson notes on page 44 of her book 'Alternative Processes Condensed',
that Kerik Kouklis adds 6 drops of formalin to 10 ml of size to cover a
14x17 area. Perhaps this would work with glyoxal also, though I'm not clear
how Kerik is able to mix the hardener uniformly in such a small volume of

Don Bryant

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I'm mixing small batches (100 ml) of 3 per cent Knox with 2.5 mls of Glyoxal
(oh, and a splash of rye whiskey for bubbles) for sizing paper with a sponge
brush. Can I reuse this mixture by simply reheating in the microwave after
it cools and gels overnight? Is there a shelf life? Thx.


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