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Re: epson 2400 smudging

Is the smudging in the direction of the print head?  Can you give a bit more description of what the smudging looks like?

Have you cleaned the print head?

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Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 5/7/07 8:02:59 AM, mcnally@psfc.mit.edu writes:

I am getting smudging when I print on fine art paper using my Epson
2400.  I have calibrated my moniter and am using the appropriate
profile for the paper I am trying to print on. I am loading the paper
in the front. I am using color inks. This happens no matter what kind
of paper I use even with Epson paper.

I realize that this isn't directly related to alternative processes
but there is so much experience here that I thought that I would pose
the question. I am very frustrated and epson isn't much help.

Thank you, Mary Pat

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