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Re: epson 2400 smudging

The smudging is to the right and bottom of the print. I have cleaned the print heads and also did an auto ailgnment. On a print that has large blocks of lighter colors you can see the smudging across the entire print. The smudging goes from right to left if you are holding the print facing you. Mary Pat

Is the smudging in the direction of the print head? Can you give a bit more description of what the smudging looks like?

Have you cleaned the print head?

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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In a message dated 5/7/07 8:02:59 AM, mcnally@psfc.mit.edu writes:

I am getting smudging when I print on fine art paper using my Epson
2400. I have calibrated my moniter and am using the appropriate
profile for the paper I am trying to print on. I am loading the paper
in the front. I am using color inks. This happens no matter what kind
of paper I use even with Epson paper.

I realize that this isn't directly related to alternative processes
but there is so much experience here that I thought that I would pose
the question. I am very frustrated and epson isn't much help.

Thank you, Mary Pat

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