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RE: Martin Parr


Thanks Don... there were some delicious photos there I hadn't seen.  (Who
was/is the naked man?)  I couldn't access the audio because I was on a
website last month when suddenly a voice came out of my computer, so sudden
and creepy in the dead of night it was scary.  HOW DARE THEY !, I decided,
and turned the sound way down.

This brilliant system doesn't do readable controls or markers for sound, you
just twiddle & hope for the best, and I'm all twiddled out.  But -- was the
interview as good as the photos?  Should I use my nagging credits to hear it
on someone else's computer?

The interview was okay but not as good as others I've heard or watched
lately (Stephen Shore, Gary Winogrand, HCB to name a few), but if you have
the time and the motivation to invoke your nagging credits then spend 10
minutes of your life and take a listen. I think Parr was okay but the
interviewer wasn't inspiring