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Re: favorite photography books

Thanks to all who have responded, and thanks for this, below, Dan.

I swear I feel like a kid in a candy store. Today I was holed in the basement of our library with all the Oversize books. I found such gems down there!

As much as one may say Ansel Adams is "passe" or whatever the crit, there are some gorgeous books with his work. I think on my faves list there must be 10 of hisbooks/books on him.

I have found NUMEROUS examples of alt in collection books mostly--anthologies or museum collections, or exhibition records.

Today I came across a very interesting one--Sheila Metzner's "Inherit the Earth". It is a very large book of none other than landscape FRESSON prints, all of them. What I find most interesting about this is that the color balance of her prints is always a bit "off" so you know that they are different than a normal process. Soft and grainy, too. I'd be interested in hearing about anyone's opinion on this book if you have seen it, because I am still thinking about what my opinion is....
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I have a few that I would like to add to the list.

Paul Caponigro - Masterworks From Forty Years
Arnold Newman - Five Decades
Steichen's Legacy - Edited and text by Joanna Steichen I have "A life in Photography" also but I prefer this one.
Though already nominated several times, I have to add my votes for "Sudek" - Sonja Bullaty and "Josedf Sudek - Pigment Prints"

Dan Williams