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Re: smooth gravure tones!

Hi Susan,

Scratches in the ink, which sounds like what you're describing can be prevented. I've found when there's alot of ink on the surface, the plate is more prone to surface scratches in the ink.

My wiping technique:

1. Soft tarlatain: "Grind" ink into plate with a twist of the wrist going in one direction, then the other. Not a lot of pressure, mind you. The objective here is to gently work ink into the plate.

2. Phone book pages. Lift ink off plate using phone book pages in broad circular motions, growing gradually smaller.

3. Tissue paper. Gently even out and smoothen out the ink with cheap tissue paper.

4. Optional - palm wipe to lift off any remaining specs or scratches in the ink.

5. Thoroughly wipe edges, flip over, wipe back, wipe edges again.

Hope that helps!


SusanV wrote:
Hi Christina, and thanks a lot.  What did you mean about grit???

Something bugging me is that when I'm wiping the plate I get little
circles (when i'm wiping in circular motion), of darker streaks.  They
mostly show up in the darks, and when I wipe over it by hand I feel
little "gritty" stuff.  Anyone else?

(see I toldja i'd start in on some other imperfection right away)


On 5/8/07, Christina Z. Anderson <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:
Wow, Susan, have you progressed. Plus your images are beautiful.

While you're working on smooth tones, I am working on deep, velvety blacks
and grit :) Out in the sun. I love it.

Makes me want to buy a press and not an Amergraph.

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> Hi all,
> Ok, I CAN do it. I can get smooth tones in my gravures!!!! Happy Dance!
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> Now THAT'S what I'm talkin about. Whew. I'd all but given up.
> Susan
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