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Re: bromoil workshop at Penland this summer

Fortunately, things have greatly improved there since 1984.  I've  thought
about going back, but I honestly think they've raised the  costs so much,
that it's too expensive-- for what it offers relative  to other places
similar (and that focus solely on photography).
Expensive, yes...that is why I am assisting! To fly there from MT ($700),
rent a car for two weeks, and pay for the two week workshop is too much for
my budget. And, even though I have about 3 tickets on frequent flyer miles
waiting to be used, neither Delta nor Northwest has available seating. I
think it is one big scam--they probably have only one available seat per day
anymore. Of course, I could NOT rent a car, but then I wouldn't have my

What a disaster, your workshop! Hey, I've assisted at one of those before,
heheheh....it isn't fun for an assistant, either, when the teacher doesn't
bond with the students, or the other assistant for one of the two concurrent
workshops spends most of her time smoking cigarettes instead of working. OR
when out of the goodness of your heart you use your car and gas money to
cart people around and get accused of ditching a group of attendees because
they lose you in traffic. But at every workshop I have assisted I have met
neat people and that is worth it to me.

I love the Photographer's Formulary set up but Lewis' bromoil workshop is
during APIS and I am going to that. Plus the food up there is worth the price--home cookin'. And three large darkrooms!! AND all the chemicals you could ever want a building away. It's photographer's heaven.