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Re: Nameless show at John Stevenson

Sandy King wrote:
The quote offered by the informed , or uninformed, intelligentsia reminds
me why one should avoid these type of events whenever possible. Unless of
course one just has an addiction to cheap white wine.
Actually, Sandy, I'm no judge of wine, cheap, white or otherwise, since I don't generally consume alcoholic beverages, which all taste alike to me... I think it's something genetic.. (Though having read that the parent company of my usual drink, Pepsi Cola, gave 95% of its political contributions to the Republican party, I may have some further thoughts on the topic.)

That said, I'll add that I drank at least an inch and a half of something poured out of a bottle labeled "Champagne" last night and, tho I can get tipsy from the fumes risking out of a fondu pot, I didn't get the least bit drunk (I swear) and it tasted quite nice.