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Re: Nameless show at John Stevenson

Hi All

Many thanks to Judy, Susan and all the others of you who take the time to
review shows and/or let the list know what shows are on. It's great to know
what happening around the world - even if I can't get to see it in person,
it's terrific to have people's thoughts on the shows too. These days too,
more often than not, a website will also picture some of the work (I know a
computer screen isn't a substitute for the real thing, or for being there),
so posting the address is a wonderful plus. I wouldn't know where to look
for what's on otherwise.

thanks all!

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> Judy I was waiting for you to write something.  I knew it would be
> ever more interesting and charming if I just stayed out of the way,
> and I was right of course.   And don't you dare tease me about coming
> in to the city, you you you... anti-countrysider.
> Yes, the show was amazing.  Keith's work is beyond masterful, but
> getting to meet Judy, Keith and his wife (Beth Dow... go look her up,
> she's an ace photog herself), was the best part of all.  I want to go
> back in and take my time looking at the show itself, as most of my
> time last night was spent chatting with Keith and Judy.
> Did I mention Keith's work is masterful?  Truly it is.
> Just go see the show.
> Susan
> On 5/17/07, Sandy King <sanking@clemson.edu> wrote:
> >
> >
> > Hi Judy,
> >
> >  Thanks for the report.
> >
> >  The quote offered by the informed , or uninformed,  intelligentsia
> > me why one should avoid these type of events whenever possible. Unless
> > course one just has an addiction to cheap white wine.
> >
> > I know this. I have seen some of Keith Taylor's prints, and they are not
> > half bad!!
> >
> >  Sandy
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > At 5:01 PM -0400 5/17/07, Judy Seigel wrote:
> > I was waiting for Susan to write something, but I suppose the trip in
> > Monroe NY to 23rd Street was so arduous she's still in recovery.  I
> > this e-mail "nameless' because I'd be terribly embarrassed to spell Cy
> > Cosse's name wrong in a subject line and neglected to pick up a flyer
> > would presumably have it right.
> >
> >  To put an end to the suspense, however, I report that the work was as
> > splendid as could possibly be imagined, but that I myself was somewhat
> > disappointed.  The disappointment was not with the work, however, which
> > endlessly fascinating, but because, what with the crowd of OTHER people
> > felt entitled to talk, and my delight at meeting the delightful Susan
> > her charming husband, I lost track of time, so the next thing I knew
> > were blinking the lights. Folks still didn't hurry out, but I had let
> > slip away from me, having had the intention of at the very least
> > him and using CIA methods to extract his every last secret.  Tho
> > he seemed happy to share, which makes my lapse doubly irksome.
> >
> >  I did however enjoy Cy de Cos's tale of hunting the holy blue calla
> > seed (title nowhere near the original, sorry, and if you can, wiseguy,
do it
> > better)...but something like sunrise from the magic mountain peak on the
> > point of the holy red star. Whichever, he found a lilly-orium in of all
> > places Texas, the goddess in charge selected 12 seeds, grew them with
> > incantations and faerie dust, then brought them to an historic northern
> > in a place they call minnihsoatah, where, tho some died, several lived
> > fulfil their mission on earth, and after careful contemplation he
> > one to photograph, tho swimming to or however achieving the perfect
> > point with his massive camera was another saga --- imbuing the print
> > even greater aura. But at last, everything worked, and, as I recall,
> > was further enhanced by a haze of red dots.)
> >
> >  Many questions remain, but I pose only two now. One rhetorical, one
> > depressingly mundane.
> >
> >  "Rhetorical" was asked seriously by a guest, either to another guest or
> > gallery personnel:  "Why do these prints look like paintings?"
> >
> >  Mundane: This is my own, as has been puzzling me for some time. I ask
it of
> > Keith who may be busy now, but no hurry:
> >
> >  Why do you use Imagesetter negatives instead of, say, digital, or other
> > Should the ambitious gum printer, one leery of blotters, for instance,
> > an imagesetter ?
> >
> >  Meanwhile, I hesitate to say this, since we already have more traffic
> > around here than advisable, but if you can squeeze yourselves in, come
> > this show.
> >
> >  Judy
> >
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