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I see spots......

Which I suppose is  better than seeing dead people....

Anyway, My favorite spotting brush, Spotty, which was a gift to me some years ago from my sister, who uses them as her primary detail brush in her oils, has finally reached a "point" where continued use is actually "pointless" so to speak.  Instead of giving Spotty a referral to the Hair Club for Men, I suppose I should just go out and buy a new one....

I use the brush for spotting Platinum/Palladium prints.

Can you folks recommend a really good brush for this?  I don't mind paying for quality.  If I need a virgin wombat fur brush, that is fine.  I want one that will hold a good, fine point, thus cutting down the time required for this, one of my favorite pastimes.

Also, while I think  of it, is there something I should do regarding the care and feeding of such a brush to keep a good fine point?

I use tube type watercolors to spot.

Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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