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I use high quality Winsor & Newton sable/synthetic hair brushes for spotting in several different sizes #0. #00 - and so on. When I'm through spotting I clean with distilled water and set aside to dry. These brushes come to a fine point. There are probably other similar quality brushes in other brands. They aren't cheap but not terribly expensive either. You can also use them in your paint by numbers kits! :)

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Subject: I see spots......

Which I suppose is  better than seeing dead people....

Anyway, My favorite spotting brush, Spotty, which was a gift to me some years ago from my sister, who uses them as her primary detail brush in her oils, has finally reached a "point" where continued use is actually "pointless" so to speak.  Instead of giving Spotty a referral to the Hair Club for Men, I suppose I should just go out and buy a new one....

I use the brush for spotting Platinum/Palladium prints.

Can you folks recommend a really good brush for this?  I don't mind paying for quality.  If I need a virgin wombat fur brush, that is fine.  I want one that will hold a good, fine point, thus cutting down the time required for this, one of my favorite pastimes.

Also, while I think  of it, is there something I should do regarding the care and feeding of such a brush to keep a good fine point?

I use tube type watercolors to spot.

Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated!

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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