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Re: Jose Ortiz-Echague and Fresson

I don't remember having a disagreement with Sandy . . . the two of us can be
rather direct which I suppose could come across as a disagreement . . . not
that it would every matter to me but do you happen to recall who won ?
(Please note that if in your opinion I clearly won the disagreement please
reply to the alt list otherwise send me a private reply . . . obviously it
should detail the particulars of the tie.)
Art Chakalis

LOLOLOL Well the two of you barked at each other, I must have gotten nervous and ordered a glass of wine to distract, but it came to an impasse. Funny I should remember the event and not the exact topic, but I had thought it was on whether he had the exact Fresson process or not or some such thing. But now that I know your directness is not an argument, I won't get nervous at this APIS :)