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Re: Jose Ortiz-Echague and Fresson

On Tue, 22 May 2007, John Grocott wrote:
A very interesting and never ending discussion. It comes up every so often. BTW. Anyone concerned with more info on the Fresson mystery please see Judy Siegel's #9 issue of Post Factory Photography.
Thanks John... And if I may be permitted the small boast, I believe the story known to that date is well covered, beginning with Art Chakalis's "Visite a l'Atelier Fresson," in which he describes actually visiting the holy of holies, with a photo of principal live persons including two named Fresson. Plus an article on "The Search for Fresson (or Something like Fresson)" still ongoing, including methods *called* Fresson, traced through the literature, picture of an early apparatus, additional sleuthing, surmises and dish (not a printer, but as in "dish'), plus details from Chakalis, Fredrick, Grocott, S. King, among others & authoritative "hearsay" about Nadeau.

For what it's worth, I saw a portfolio of Metzner's Fressons when she spoke to a class a friend was teaching at Cooper Union some years ago. I'm probably a clod, but I didn't get the thrill -- perhaps less fault of the process than the photographs, which struck me as ordinary. I add, FWIW, that from where I stood (off to one side) I noticed a white haze over part of one background and asked about it. Metzner hadn't noticed it, but upon examination recalled she'd said the area looked dark, so they'd apparently added a thin white layer.


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