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Re: Why did Nadeau bug Echague re the Fresson secrets??

Dave, Your future comments about Direct Carbon and Fresson etc., will, I am sure, be of great interest to many List members. I personally look forward to your words.
Please remind me when it was I sent you my print. I have been through three computers since then and lost a great deal of info. I started my experimenting last century around 1993 and must admit I have still much to learn about the use of gelatine and carbon and dichro. But I am very happy with the results I have obtained  so far.
Shortly, I will post some published material by Echague to do with the actual formulae for his Carbondir process which might encourage a few  practicing workers (on, and off, the List) to develop their own systems.  But, like you,  gardening, grass mowing etc., is becoming more theraputic to me in my old age.
Still, I would be pleased to receive a sample of your work. Thanks.
To answer Chris's question, ' Why did Nadeau bug Echague rather than going to the  Fresson family for their secrets?'
I guess Nadeau thought Echague would be a a more promising ''easy touch'' in view of the Fressons reputation for being so protective of their great grandfather's research which took him approx. seven years before bringing it  to the market at around 1899.
Echague certainly did not need the money but it seems, Luis felt, he wanted to find a younger person to carry on with his work. There must surely be many of these out there in the schools and universities around the world willing to start practical testing of formulae.  Digital negative making is an enormous  help.
 BTW, Echague used paper negatives for the vaste majority of exposures for his positive Carbondir and Fresson prints.  I wonder what his procedure would be today if he were still around?
             Right now I am going to sit in the garden and get some UV exposure for my skin.
                   More later. John - Photographist- London - UK
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Hmmm.... some emails went to junk mail folder, so I just noticed them today. I will come back to mention a few things on this thread later as I am going out now.
Chris, if you haven't found out, my URL is http://www.members.aol.com/fotodave/ 
John, I appreciate your sending me a direct carbon print of yours. I intended to send one back to you, but as mentioned, I changed job and never got the time/energy to do it. When I get back to it, I still want to send you a print. I will ask for your address at that time.