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Re: Direct carbon

Could somebody give me some practical advice for the saw dust development
for direct carbon development (Fresson like process). This is something
that I ment to try for a while and this discussion has motivated me
further to do the experiments. Should I make my own saw dust and what
kind? I have read some accounts, but practical advice would be
Marek Matusz

They don't hardly make boxwood sawdust any more -- or was it pear tree? Whichever, those were the official "correct" sawdusts, but I went to my local lumber yard (now probably a Starbucks) got a big brown paper bag full of sawdust, gave the guy a dollar, and sieved it at home... using a quite coarse sieve and a slightly finer one for two different "styles."

You only need a couple of handfulls... It lasted forever, think I still have a tray of it somewhere, and when/if it got grungy I rinsed it, let it dry, and put through the sieve again.


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