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Thanks Kees for the link, but when I tried it.........no result ! !
What you say the film shows is quite interesting but tells us nothing about the formulae for the coating process. I will post what I have from Echague, later, which gives more useful info. altho it is not specific about exactly what the materials are. Its really tantalising but has been a little useful to my own research over the years.
Regards. John - Photographist - London - UK

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Subject: Fresson documentary

This Fresson talk made me remember having seen (in 1987 or so) a
french documentary about the Fresson process. In this film you
actually can see their horizontal enlarger in use, but not the
coating machine and there are interviews with the Fressons and
photographers they work with. They also show step by step the
printing of a Bernard Faucon print.

Le Procédé Fresson, Jean Real, 1986
I found some info about it in a french documentary database: http://
Even found a clip and a payed download here: http://

In that same year 1987 I also saw many large fresson prints (by
Bernard Faucon, Michel Séméniako, Bernard Plossu) and they where
great prints. Later I saw a very ugly small fresson print showed to
me by a Dutch Photographer who had to beg and wait many, many years
for his print. I think fressons are better when large, but it might
also be the special contact between the Fressons and the priviliged
lucky ones they work with, that makes the extra touch.