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Re: Why did Nadeau bug Echague re the Fresson secrets??

Forget writing a book about jello-type--you can write a chapter and add it to mine! Cherry, lemon, and...blueberry??

I have one light semester ahead of me so my goal is to be done with the book by December. But you know how that goes--my "library project" which was going to take a couple days has extended into 3 weeks. I mean, if I had THOUGHT about it, to page through 3700 books--each book is a minute of paging, and of course I get sidetracked in it (as I did with the Metzner Fresson book)....so 3700 minutes minimum equates to 60 hours minimum. I am so naiive...

But even though my original intent of doing a list of "the best of the best" is now basically becoming a list of "1500 good photo books" (hey, at least I cut out 1200 so far!!), the benefit is I have found some WONDERFUL alt sources. A lot of the alt stuff is in these collection type books--e.g. Smithsonian Collection or some such thing. So I have really gotten to know my way around photo books in general by doing this project. And I have to tell ya, Martin Parr is fast becoming my fave.

Now if I could only finish the library project and start printing my rodeo pix in gum, heheheh....I went to this Bucking Horse sale in eastern MT (known nationally as THE bucking horse sale to go to--hotels are booked a year in advance so we slept in our car) and it was a real eye opener. Good horse bucks and cowboy butts.

Man, I gotta quit blabbing away, it must be Memorial Weekend or something...


Looking forward to your book on gum printing! Any idea when it will be

I see Dick Sullivan has his book on Carbon coming out soon—maybe it will be
available at APIS.

I have 2 paragraphs written on my book on Jell-O-Type.

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Thanks, John, and I'm loving reading about all this. I am not actually
researching this process (I got sidetracked at the library when researching
other stuff and came across Metzner's imagery), but it is intriguing in the
light of gum bichromate (which I am researching). I'm tempted to add some
gelatin to the mix and see what happens, but regardless, it's neat when a
topic is started where others of you share your stuff.

I will email Nadeau..

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