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Re: Luis Nadeau Answers Chris's questions

At 11:14 AM +0100 5/27/07, John Grocott wrote:

But not, I think, if someone else gets there, first? Luis was saying the same thing years ago. Do we wait with bated breath while he makes up his mind?
What would be sold to the highest bidder? The outline of a secret formula for coating gelatine etc., onto paper?
In your dreams ! Kindly thanks to Luis for the very interesting and helpful information he has gathered and is selling in his publications.
John - Photographist-London - UK

Assuming that Ortiz-EchagŁe did indeed get the right formula from the Fresson family, and that he did indeed pass this formula on to Luis Nadeau, which I guess he could authenticate, what Luis has to sell is a real Fresson formula and working procedures for coating papers with it. That it, it is not a direct carbon process that works like Fresson, but the real deal. That might have some real value if it could be made into a print making system.

It has always seemed to me that the mystique of Fresson is almost entirely due to the fact that the prints are made by members of the Fresson family using a proprietary printing method that around a century old. Even if one were able to manufacture a direct carbon type paper that is superior to Fresson it still would not be a Fresson.

On that score, gum bichromate prints are in the same family as direct carbon. The color gum prints made by a number of contemporary workers are technically much superior to color prints made by Fresson, IMHO. But there are still many people who would prefer to own a real Fresson.

Sandy King