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Re: The Woodburytype and Stannotype Processes

For your information:-
I think this posting with the link included  sounds like it is from Luis Nadeau = Conservator.
 If it is you, nice to see you back , Luis.
I tried the link to the encyclopaedia from 1895, but all that was available was a brief outline of Woodburytype.  No details.
                   My copy is 1890.  and  is more thorough in its working procedures, and it might be informative to compare the original text with the rehash in this new book and what Barret Oliver has to say at  APIS .
Barret's book will surely be purchased and added to the libraries of all the universities and colleges with photography faculties in the World. So you could wait until then if you are only mildly interested in the Woodburytype/ Stannotype processes.
I wish I could be at APIS but I am afraid it is not a  financially viable proposition for me. But I hope any new information coming out of the meeting will be shared with the rest of us.
Hope you have a good time, all you APISERS
John - Photographist - London - UK