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RE: cyanotype toning and staining

Which paper(s) have you used in your toning trials? IME, some papers are
more prone to stain with tannic acid + tea always stain much more than
How heavy is the stain? Just a slight warming or much worse? Is the
stain in the image area only or does it also stain the non-image area?

Try to rinse/clear the paper thoroughly before toning: wash as usual,
then clear in 2% citric acid, then rinse again and then bleach/tone...
Try different papers to see if the stain is more (or less) pronounced
depending on paper...

I'm sure there will be other useful suggestions other than mine.


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thanks to all for the information a while ago concerning one coat gums. 
Haven't had time yet to try them, but definitely will. I've been busy 
moving a to new house, and good thing is that I can get a decent 
darkroom there.

On my voyage to alt-proc, I've learned to coat cyantypes, bought Dan B's

inkjet compandion, got an uv-light source, made from two u-shaped 
fluorescent lamps and things are going on now with routine. So I tried 
toning the cyanotype prints first with tea and after that tannic acid. I

bleached both with ammonia and sodium carbonate. I got nice brownish 
tone, but the highlights stained badly, lowering the overall contrast 
quite heavily. Is this normal or is there a way to avoid staining? 
There's nothing wrong with the prussian blue, but wanted to see how the 
prints look with different colours.