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Direct Carbon and Echague's Clues

Hi Folks,
Those of you who feel, like myself, that there is interesting work to be done in discovering ways of making  D/C prints which are similar in appearance to the Carbondir  prints of Jose Ortiz Echague  The following sentence, taken from the translation, previously posted,  may suggest more than a simple directive as  to a suitable base coating:-
            ''The paper for direct carbon is made of a thin layer which is GENERALLY gelatine ; ''
             The meaning of the original Spanish word translated as GENERALLY may not suggest that this layer is specifically gelatine.
              Anyone closely acquainted with Spanish might construe something more enlightening and helpful. But then many of Echagues clues are of this nature where a slight  change in understanding would produce a surprising  change in results.
            As ever. Happy hols.
            John - Photographist - London - UK