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Attn Tor re flat drying of w/c paper

Tor,  After processing you need to allow the paper with the image to dry thoroughly, of course. Then coat the back of the paper with  5% gelatine,  The dry gum image is not so delicate.  Place the print on the PLEXIGLASS. Lay an interleaving sheet of paper on the print.  Then a sheet of thick cardboard. Apply the weight  (maybe a heavy book or a couple of house bricks or a  five litre bottle of liquid or whatever) and leave until dry.  A  screw down book press would be the ideal thing to use but they are rare, nowadays. Anyway, you dont really need one.
           Look forward to hearing about your trial.
            Till later.
John - Photographist - London - UK
Tor wrote
''Requiring weights to keep the paper down does not sound like a good idea
to me. First of all, at least the gum print surface is very delicate and
easily damaged and I would expect weights, at least on heavier papers,
to leave marks?