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Re: New printer

The printer worked perfect (1 year) till I went on
vacation for three weeks.When I came back I could throw away my printer
because the printerhead was clogged and no trick or method to clean the
nozzles worked good enough.
Erich, what durabrite printer do you have? Did you try to clean the head by sliding it over a folded piece of paper towel moisted with warm (distilled) water? That takes away an awfull lot of gunk.
If this doesn't work maybe the ink purge pump tubing is clogged. Each cleaning cycle makes things worse then. I did a repair this year on a C86 and could flush the tube with a syringe. It's working fine again. Some information on how to do this: <http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/ duraink.html>. Not very easy, the construction of these cheap epsons is rather flimsy.


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