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Europalia festival

Dear Friends,

We regret that our proposal  to organize a series of alt photo shows during
the Brussels Europalia Festival 2007 did not meet our expectations
concerning a representative number of international artists of the 27
European member states.

We could interest alt artists of 13 from the 27 European countries to
participate in our venture where our expectations were around a 75%
participation or, at least, one artist from 20 different states out of 27. 

With regret we have to abandon the idea of this interesting venture. We
nevertheless thank all the alt photographers who responded with enthusiasm
and  will address an individual invitation to the artists who answered, with
their eventual consent to have a private show at atelier pH7 in the near

With our kindest regards,

Roger Kockaerts
rue des Balkans 7
B-1180 Brussels
T/ 32 2 347 66 76