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Re: Basic Digital Negative Curve Tutorial

That part is a little touchy-feely. I start by working my way left to right
and dividing the spline in half each time I put a set of anchor points down.
Sometimes I'll put more points in an area if the curve has a bump or a dip.
Generally, it seems you need more anchor points on the left than the right.
Do a couple and you'll start to get a feel for it. Good luck.

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> Hi Michael,
> Thanks for this! I think I understand most of it, but one question...how
> did you determine what the 16 anchor points would be? (besides the
> first, second, and last 2, which you explained).
> Best regards,
> Laura
> Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:
> > I had nothing better to do this morning. The result. Here's a free
> > tutorial on making curves for those of you who like to use pencil and
> > paper. Features a side-by-side comparison to ChartThrob near the end.
> > http://www.inkjetnegative.com/images/RNP/Handmade_Curves.htm