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Title: RE: RE: APIS & Alt-Photo in NM / AZ

Could I suggest that next year you look for a college setting similar to the earlier APIS conferences in Santa Fe where all of the participants could be together. I thought that arrangement was much better for getting to know others than the convention model where we all stay in different hotels and motels. I have spoken to a number of people about this and almost everyone liked the earlier model more than the existing one.

But thanks for B&S for putting this on. It is a great opportunity to get to meet persons from around the country.


At 12:52 PM -0600 7/1/07, Richard Sullivan wrote:
Bring a portfolio of prints to share. Networking is a big deal and we've tried to add a bit more time for it this year. There is also the Five-prints-in five-minutes which is ever popular. Madeline will be handling the stop watch and  gong again this year. The old convention center is no, more so we are in El Museo, the Spanish cultural center and the digs are not bad, but not that good either, but then it's the show, not the barn that counts. Next time we'll be in the brand new convention center. The art and photography scene in Santa Fe is growing every year. Because of PhotoArts more of the mainstream art galleries are showing photography - and loving it.
Yes lots of water and watch the booze. We are at 7000 feet and you get a lot more kick for your money in booze. You can get real stupid real fast if you are not careful. And diabetics on insulin need to watch it as the altitude can wreak havoc with your blood sugar. We had an incident one year that eventually turned out ok, but it was scary for a while.
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Speaking of APIS, this is my first year to attend and I am wondering what sort of preparations I should make and what should I bring with me?

I already know about the print exchange for which I need a wrapped and matted image and have a water bottle to carry with me.

Any other suggestions?