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Re: John Szarkowski, Curator of Photography, Dies at 81

I am sorry for using the word God in my comment.  I should have used the term essence or notion in a reworked sentence structure, so as to not obscure or agitate your personal values.

This aside, lets just appreciate this man's work, regardless of any differences we might have on the greater meaning of life or cosmos in general.  As photographers, we can certainly appreciate such things as John's work in the conservation and preservation of significant works.  He provided a forum for photographers to be viewed critically as artist, legitimatizing our type of craft before the world-of-art at a time and place in history, when this was not always the case.  This man cultivated and elevated the expression of art in ways many may not realize.

Mark Booth
On Jul 9, 2007, at 3:31 PM, Richard Corbett wrote:

Yes well that's very nice and cozy if you happen to believe in God. If you do not then one needs to search for a different set of values.
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Subject: John Szarkowski, Curator of Photography, Dies at 81

Announcement:  John Szarkowski, Curator of Photography, Dies at 81

Dear Photographic Community:  

I'm convinced that life is composed of those we admire and those who disappoint; those who have contributed, and those who have squandered their talents and time.   

The great photographers of our time, Walker Evans, Weston, Atget, Egglestons, Arbus, Winogrand, Friedlander, are but a few who have been elevated to such artistic stature by the work and influence of one single man, John Szarkowski.  The article speaks for itself, and the man most definitely made a difference for all of us as photographers.  We owe him a debt of gratitude, if not more, for this great and humble man made a difference.  

I am convinced that God places people into our world who have but one overall purpose; lay foundations for others to succeed.  What a great and noble purpose!  His work enabled great photographers to emerge and become recognized for their work, and in turn these influential photographers have touched our lives so richly with written-light.  Thank you, John!  

Respectfully submitted, 
Mark Booth