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Re: Ultrafine on the Epson 3800


I'm not home right now, so can't look at the box.  I went back and checked my old emails, and this is what I ordered from Digital Art Supplies: DAS Transfilm?   Looking at the prices, I don't think these were any less expensive than Pictorico, but I thought they worked far, far better.  No dust, no pinpricks, no weird banding, no nothing.  I only used the 17x22 size.

On Jul 25, 2007, at 10:22 AM, sam wang wrote:

Has anyone successfully printed Ultrafine or similar transparencies on the Epson 3800? I know the 3800 prints great on Pictorico.

Just wondering if I should abandon my 2200 for printing on the thinner Ultrafine - it's showing the dreaded venetian-blind banding.


Sam Wang