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Re: Ultrafine on the Epson 3800

You're right, Don. It wasn't as cheap as I imagined (probably wishful thinking there), but they sure worked like a charm-- far superior in my estimation than Pictorico. I don't know if Pictorico has changed something about those transparencies in the last year, but I have had nothing but problems with them.

Sam, I did do a few minor modifications as I remember-- nothing out of the ordinary. I'll send you what I did do.


On Jul 25, 2007, at 12:10 PM, dsbryant@bellsouth.net wrote:


I bet it's Ultrafine. So far I have found only Photo Warehouse
willing to sell this thinner, cheaper, variety at larger than letter

Thanks for the assurance. I didn't want to jam the 3800. Ultrafine
printed great on the 2200 after I lifted the "pizza wheels", at least
until the venetian blind patterns occur. Have you found it necessary
to do any modification on the 3800?
The 3800 will produce pizza wheels also with the Ultra-Fine. I'm not at my regular computer today so I can't recall the name of the supplier that I reccomended to Diana, but as I recall it isn't cheap in 17x22 sheet sizes.

Sandy knows what material I'm referring to, I got the link from him.

Sorry I can't be more helpful immediately but as soon as I can I'll send or post the info I gave to Diana.