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RE: printing gum on glass

	Salem, Mass of witch fame. North of Boston.
	Brian Casey

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> On my way to Santa Fe we had to spend the night in a funky town called
> Kayenta with lots of this sort of stuff that would make good gum prints. 
> Abandoned houses with no windows anymore and brilliant blue walls, looking

> out framed glassless windows onto sweeping desert vistas, trailer homes
> the inside floor littered with every imaginable liquor bottles...I popped
> head into the last one to begin shooting and there were three people
> in the trailer on chairs.  One said, "Messy, isn't it?"  I about freaked.
> Chris

I saw a show at -- I think Aperture Gallery in its new Chelsea location 
last year -- by William Eggleston AND the fellow who inspired him, someone 
on this list less than 100 years old (my age today) will remember --- oh, 
wasn't that Wm Christenberry?  -- the show was delightful, and full of 
rusty old signs, dilapidated barns, and so forth that were NOT printed in 
gum, but of course should have been.  But we have a LOT of those scenes in 
NYC, or used to.... they do get knocked down for new condos.

But here's an interesting note -- reading the local community board 
listing of candidates for landmarking, I see that old painted signs on the 
sides of buildings are often landmarked... and as it looks like the south 
village (adjacent to our landmarked area) is hastening toward designation 
(not quite as fast as NYU destroys, alas) there are many such old painted 
signs -- which have a special title, I'll see if I can find it.

And speaking of shows,  has anyone seen the Joseph Cornell show at Peabody 
Essex Museum?    That's the one I most want to get to... Where the H... is 
that?  Like Boston?