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Re: One year old DS-2 not dead, DS-5

From: Stane Kocar <stane.kocar@siol.net>
Subject: One year old DS-2 not dead, DS-5
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2007 13:38:12 +0200

> I wuld like to see your developer DS-5, which you said on
> your web site is now obsolete since TechPan is dissapeared
> from the market. I have quite a few EFKE Ortho film to
> develop. It's quite contrasty and I must low down the
> contrast.

For that type of applications, I use DS-10 diluted 1+2 at 25C.
But unless you are using pinhole or other cameras that are
easier to work with orthochromatic sensitization, tonality
would be much better if you used ordinary pictorial films...

> Last month I tried your DS-2 developer, which I mixed ONE!
> year ago. 2x concentrate prepared with distilled water was
> stored in small 100 ml glass bottles filled to the brim. On
> my surprise developer after one year was not dead, but it
> was not as potent as already prepared. With prolonging the
> development time for 50 % the Ilford PAN 100 and EFKE KB100
> looks pretty normal except grain is a little bigger.

> So I think it is not true that this developer dies very
> quickly. I routinely use it one month old and is as good as
> new.

While DS-2 may keep better in certain cases, I do not endorse
this type of usage, as it is not how you can get the best
image quality reliably. DS-2, when prepared fresh, is still a
very good developer for slow films and applications where
moderate accutance boost is appreciated, but I personally
moved on to DS-12 and then now a Dimezone-Isoascorbate
developer. I made the latter developer for maximum shadow
details and push applications, but it was also very good when
used with slow films. Unfortunately this formula is not
similar to any published developers, but the formula is in the
hands of Digitaltruth and they are working on this product.

Ryuji Suzuki