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Re: vernis soehnee

On Wed, 8 Aug 2007, ryberg wrote:

For what it's worth, http://www.surplusshack.com sells Canadian Balsam. I have no connection with this firm except as a customer.
Hi Charles --

So I checked the formula I intended to make, except I didn't find it. I checked two huge books of formulas from 1930, and found a number that were close, but not Chris's formula & not the one I had in mind -- that book is probably in a "safe place" somewhere, so I'd have it handy.

However, I did find the Larch Turpentine in my top lefthand cabinet where I'd left it, and then checked the (2003) Kremer catalog, and realized I'd misremembered: I was remembering Venetian Turpentine (Larch Turpentine is "genuine Venetian turpentine" for Canada Balsam, which is (in this catalog) "fir turpentine, pale, straw color, fast-drying." Don't ask me why, probably because I'd never used either of them, or they're both named for geography.

For what it's worth, 75 ml of Larch Turp was $13.30, of Canada Balsam was $23.75, and of the so called "Venetian Turpentine" -- a mix of larch and colophony (that's "a rosin, residue of turpentine distillation" & $4.25 for 100g) -- $5 for 75 ml from Kremer (in 2003).

The larch is like pathologically thick honey. So maybe some larch, mixed with some sandarac, and lavender oil (oh drat, forgot what that was for -- I think flexibility) dissolved in "spirits of alcohol" would be something like the "Soehnee", or at least better than shellac.

Speaking of which, Heinrich Kuhn also had a book titled Gummidruck, which got lost on its way to me... I wonder whose was first. As I recall Chris said 1904 for Koester. Kuhn I'll have to check. Koester I assume was German. Kuhn was Austrian. Demachy called them both "etrangeres" or foreigners, who used "multiple coats."


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