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Speaking of which, Heinrich Kuhn also had a book titled Gummidruck, which got lost on its way to me... I wonder whose was first. As I recall Chris said 1904 for Koester. Kuhn I'll have to check. Koester I assume was German. Kuhn was Austrian. Demachy called them both "etrangeres" or foreigners, who used "multiple coats."
Kuhn's Technik der Lichtbildernei (sp) was 1921. But there were several other books entitled Der Gummidruck by Gaedicke, Behrens, Meyer, Hofmeister, etc. If you do a search at Worldcat.org on "gummidruck" that is where I located a lot of those titles at first, and George Eastman House had a number of them, Austin has Hofmeister... Actually, the German/Austrian texts are absolutely wonderful, earliest one is 1898 (Gaedicke), earliest text about gum all told is Rouille Ladeveze 1894 which I also was able to photocopy...then several from England around 1898 on, of course Maskell and Demachy in there, too. I have quite a few books from 1898-1904 era.

I have a lot of articles either photocopied or jpgd and will ultimately, when done with them, get them up on a website somewhere. Thom Mitchell gave me the good idea to have a student keyword the articles and put them in a searchable database. But that's a loooonnnnngggg time ahead.