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Re: Shooting long range negs?

Many thanks for all the suggestions, which I hope to take up -- within the
scope of availabilities of materials here. I know films and papers can be
ordered internationally, chemistry is often rather more restricted, even
within the US, I note.

So using widely sold (?) commercial developers or those I can make from
locally available raw chemistry is the path I must pursue.

My efforts so far have been directed to table top still lifes with
continuous lighting; that's another complication. Last shoot I paralleled
the 5x7 320 TXP with 4x5 320 TXP, switching cameras to use the same lighting
setup and exposures so that I could make conventional prints from the 4x5s
(my enlarger only goes to 4x5). These enlarged prints were very successful
by my standards.

So I sized  and sensitized some Arches Platine (a very skilled Pt Pd printer
here in Sydney believes that Arches Platine doesn't need more sizing --
opinions?) and made 3 prints today. They were better, but didn't have the
range of the Ilford MG WT versions, which may just demonstrate that the negs
didn't either.

I'm off tomorrow to shoot a new bunch of negs (well 4 anyway, I only have 2
5x7 film holders at the moment), I'll apply some of the advice from you all.
I'm using Fomapan 200 rating it at 100 ISO.

Regards - Ross


Ross Chambers
Blue Mountains 
New South Wales