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RE: Freeform gum (Re: Gum printers in UK (Re: Scott McMahon gumworkshop, September

Not that I think I have a better idea but will list some solutions that
look probable to me:

a) Making duotone (or tritone, or quadtone) separations. My color theory
/ duotone knowledge is limited, so I can't say if one could design
duotones profiles giving results similar to the image in question...

b) As Katharine says -> making tri-color separations... (Coloring done
in image editing program...)

c) Using a fairly high contrast negative and printing the highlights /
midtones and shadows in different colors. Shadows could have been
printed using a fairly opaque color or a color that gives green when
printed over earth colors - if possible... (Again, I don't know if there
are such opaque greens - or if there's a color which will give green
when printed over earth colors... A transparent blue?)

I would first try (c) then (b) and (a)...


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Hence David's question about how one would get such a nice separation  
of the green, in the absence of the use of color separations.  One  
possibility is that maybe that image isn't a freeform gum but is done  
with a separation negative of some sort.   Otherwise, I don't know  
how it could be done.

Hope that's helpful, and as I said, I hope if someone has a better  
idea, they'll say so.