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RE: cmyk negatives?


To split the color image into CMY separations using Photoshop, use the fly
out menu found on the channels palette. Just remember to save your original
prior to doing this otherwise it will be lost.

Hope that helps,

Don Bryant

PS: IF you want a "black printer" negative you can use the cyan sep and give
it an additional short exposure to add a little under color to the low tones
after you have printed all of the other layers. If you do use CMYK seps you
will need to print some dark toned color with the K sep negative to gain
contrast. I'm just curious though how you made your curves for each of the
color layers?   

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Folks,  I've finally worked up nerve to try a three color gum.  I have made 
curves for yellow, cyan and magenta which look like they might work.  My 
problem is how to make the negatives.  I thought it would be simple--convert

image from RGB to CMYK, separate out the channels, invert, print each one 
and that's it.  Well, first off, without the K channel the image on the 
screen is really flat, but I sort of remember that few of you actually print

a black layer--am I wrong?  Any advice is appreciated.
Charles   Portland OR