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RE: Artistico Unsized?

Actually, I also got a veiling effect (as you describe it) on unsized
Artistico. The scan of the print shows it; see the bottom right corner,
the levels were set to make uncoated paper full white and there's
clearly some tone in the outside borders (the scan slightly exaggerates
the effect - it's not as bad as it looks on the screen...) For the
moment it doesn't bothers me, I'll see if it goes even worse after 2
more coats. Will definitely size if I don't like the final state of the


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Judy said:
I myself found that with my usual materials and methods I
>never did a  print without added external sizing that satisfied me.  
>Maybe I lack  finesse -- whatever, that was my experience.

Amen, sista!  I spent one summer using unsized Artistico and the gum
prints were acceptable but somewhat veiled.  When i finally bit the
bullet and sized as my general rule, it was infinitely more predictable
and acceptable.  I did two unsized prints recently and found the same
issue again and threw both prints out. For my practice, sizing is

You can NOT size--Sam Wang doesn't--but I agree with Hamish
and Judy that sizing is a good thing.  It makes my life