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RE: First layer...

Will do so (test), thanks!

Will look for 600gsm Artistico too - but I'm intimidated of it's price.
Even the 300gsm version is expensive enough by my standards...


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Loris - a good result, it looks like the cyno curve works well for you
needs. I also wanted to respond to the sizing/unsize question as I use
the artisco paper extensively. I do always size and preshrink with hot
water with no ill effects. I suspect that 3-4 coats unsized will work
okay though the sized paper will probably clear more easily. The only
way to find out the difference however is to test.

Also if you have trouble with registration you might want to use a
heavier weight paper - I use 600gsm. With this weight I get no  buckling
or curling and it is easy to handle for multiple coats - just a thought.