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Re: bromoil boot camp

Hi Henk,
David did mention oil printing, but only in passing. We were so busy with bromoil and bromoil transfer we didn't get to much else, in fact, I never even did a transfer because I wasn't interested! Solarplate does a better intaglio in my opinion.

I made negatives on Kirkland, then contact printed those onto enlarging paper in the darkroom, then from those prints I made my matrices the next day, then inked up that night.

He did say that oilprinting was like 3 coats of gelatin, sensitized with a 3% dichromate, then printed under the neg, but that is all I remember.
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Dear Chris,
I am wondering if David also mentioned oil printing; when i saw your description of the workshop -and yes, you made me jealous, even with a strong euro it is a bridge too far to join-
you mentioned making digital negs in order to produce silver gelatine positives and from there the matrix, or?
I would expect in having the negative, some dichromate would be enough to make an oilprint, just curious. (David gives some info about oilprinting in his book. )