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RE: Artistico Unsized?

BTW, I should explain why I'm so obsessed with Masa:

- It's cheap, incredibly cheap
- It dries quick, very quick
- It doesn't need sizing because - in my practice - it doesn't get
stained whatever exposure time, whatever pigment amnt. you use...

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I found a product called "3M Photo Mount Adhesive Spray" and will try
this to mount a thin paper (Masa, 70gsm - that should make something
like 32-33lbs...) to 0.125mm thick Yupo stock. Will return later to tell
you whether it works or not...


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It's been some time since I used this method so I am having to do some
recall from over 20 years ago. Actually in the late 60's and early 70's.

Judy is right on one count, It does leave some goo on the back of your
print which stiffens it and makes it a lot less paper like. A decade or
so ago there was a young women in France using the system to a great
success -- according to her -- and I believe she was mounting with
shellac and removing it with alcohol so she had solved the gooey