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gum print on glass

I was finaly able do do some gum printing on glass with back exposure. First of all gum does not stick on glass in my practice, so I took advice from some earlier suggestions and looked for the silicone subbing agent that I had for a while but never used on anything. After I subbed the glass I just poured gum/pigment dichromate mixture on the plate and let it dry. I poured a very thick layer, totally opaque to the transmitted light. It took several hours to dry and it is a big hassle since it needs to stay levelled for a long time (and in the dark). I exposed through the back of the glass in full sun for 1 to 2 minutes. These were faily dense negatives and by no means optimised for the process. I could likely make decent palladium prints with these. The development was nice to follow and fairly quick as gum starting to dissove from the top revealing image underneath. This felt and worked exactly like carbon printing. The tonality of the imafe is excellent with no graininess. The image sticks to the subbed glass quite nicely as well. No problems with flaking or loosing parts of it. I am now experimenting with carbon on glass with back exposure. Stay tuned.

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