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Re: gum print on glass

On Aug 28, 2007, at 8:58 PM, Erie Patsellis wrote:

Out of curiosity, has anyone tried aggresively cleaning glass, a la Bon Ami (an old gilders trick) to get it absolutely clean, in the past I have always had issues with gelatin sizing not sticking to glass unless I scrubbed it very aggressively (it won't scratch the glass).

Alas, no call for window or door gilding these days, and I'm not that old to be feeling like an old-timer.



Wetplate photographers including myself typically clean glass plates using some form of powdered calcium carbonate (whiting, rottenstone, etc.) mixed with grain alcohol. I believe Bon Ami and other so- called non-abrasive cleansers (Soft Scrub, etc.) utilize CaCO3 as the polishing agent.