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Re: Anyone doing autochrome?

On Aug 28, 2007, at 1:58 PM, Barry Kleider wrote:
Is there anyone on the list with experience doing autochrome printing?

I'd like to do some experiments on my own and then offer it to some of my high school students.

Barry Kleider

Hi Barry-

Are you familiar with this process? I'm asking as it is a glass plate covered with colored potato starch grains.
The grains are pressed together under a multi ton press then the back of these grains is coated with a photo emulsion
- this plate is then developed as a positive after it has been exposed in camera...
The final result is a color transparency...
So the chances of anyone doing this themself w/o a research grant are small.

However- it would not be impossible to contact print onto color photo paper through a multi colored screen made in an inkjet printer.
I also have a simple digital method in photoshop that looks very similar to an autochrome.
If this interests anyone I can write this up...

Richard Vallon - Orleans Photo Inc.