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Re: Artistico Unsized?

On Sun, 26 Aug 2007, zphoto@montana.net wrote:

You can NOT size--Sam Wang doesn't--but I agree with Hamish
and Judy that sizing is a good thing.  It makes my life

Interestingly, I had some guy contact me via my website and
YELL at me for recommending sizing as the "only" way to go!
I don't know the guy from Adam and I can't believe I wasted
time replying to that little s--t nicely. It was all based
on a pic I have of a carbon black step wedge with a swath of
size down the middle showing the difference between sized
and unsized Artistico.  Gees.

Chris, think of it as adding to the sum total of human happiness -- you gave that "little s--t" a chance to feel superior, which he may not get
very often

But I have on my table here a really wonderful little gum print by Michael Koch-Schulte, which he said wasn't sized... and I've been meaning to pin him down for details. Are you there Michael? It looks like three colors plus black, but I'd say only one coat per color. It's also quite flat looking, that is, not a lot of delicate detail in the high tones, tho that could be just this particular image. But the effect is strong & charming at the same time... and seems a variant of gum that deserves more exploitation. I'd guess the paper is part of it too -- It's heavy and textured, but not too textured. (Looks familiar, but I will NOT hazard a guess.)

Michael ?????