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On Wed, 29 Aug 2007, Judy Seigel wrote:

And now that you mention it, I remember "hydrometer" -- which is what they taught us in freshman psychology: recognition is easier than recollection... (but not to be confused with hygrometer, which measures humidity)...
Hi Judy! -greg



Hydrometers represent the simplest and most economical method of measuring density. A hydrometer is a calibrated glass float, which incorporates a scale for direct reading. Typically, a hydrometer is "spun" into a sample and eventually stabilizes at a certain height relative to the liquid surface. The SG [specific gravity] is read directly frorm the scale on the tube. Hydrometers may be calibrated in one of several specialized scales:

* Alcoholometer: This hydrometer is used for testing alcoholic solutions. The scale is calibrated is percent of alcohol by volume

* Ammoniameter: For testing Ammonia solutions. The scale is calibrated in 0-40 deg.

* Barkometer: Used in the tanning industry. The scale is 0-80 deg.

* Baume': Two types are in use- Heavy Baume', for liquids heavier than water; and Light Baume', for liquids lighter than water. Scales are available to 90 deg.

* Brix: Used in the sugar industry for determining the percentage of sugar in solution. Degrees Brix is percent sugar.